Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pitch Perfect - 歌喉讚

Pitch Perfect (歌喉讚) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow. The supporting cast include Rebel Wilson, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Jinhee Joung, and Elizabeth Banks. The movie had a short life in the theaters before blowing up on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray. It's a cult classic already. Can it happen that fast?

Anna Kendrick plays Beca, a freshmen in college who loves to do mushup mixes in her spare time. Beca's father does not support her music aspirations and forces her to get a degree instead of heading out to LA to try to break into the industry. Beca moves in with the very strange Korean American, Kimmy Jin, played by Jinhee Joung. Kimmy is not kind to Beca and keeps her at arms length. During rush week, Beca is recruited into the campus traditional ladies a cappella group, Bellas. The Bellas are run by the very uptight and traditional leaders played by Anna Camp and Brittany Snow. Beca also has two love interest. The mysterious "hot dood" that DJs at the on campus radio station. And there's the other guy that not so secretly tries to woo Beca, but he's on the arch nemesis campus boys a cappella group, the Treblemakers. Can love leap barriers of groups. Oh, and there's the whole trying to win nationals in New York of all places.

This movie is total cheeze. Its the Sing-Off, Twilight, and Glee thrown into a pot, stirred, and put in college. Nice! We don't have to deal with the popularity crap of high school, but the challenges of dealing with responsibilities that college presents is very real. With a light hearted touch, this movie does in two hours what Glee can never do. People will suck, find the ones that like you, and move on with them. However, life isn't ever that simple. But this is a movie, not a 4 year degree of multiple classes or a PHD dissertation.

Props to the nice voice dubbed a cappella songs. They sound really good. Throw in the trendy mush ups and its a little cherry on top. I also like that this movie had weirdos, not just the Asians. However, the Koreans were the only called out ethnic group. Watch it ppl! Laugh at them and than at yourself.

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