Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Revenge Of The Green Dragons - 青龍復仇 - Trailer Released

Revenge Of The Green Dragons (青龍復仇) is an upcoming film helmed by acclaimed Hong Kong director Andrew Lau and Andrew Loo. The cast includes Justin Chon, Harry Shum, Jr., and Kevin Wu (KevJumba). The films is based in 1989's New York Chinatown.

I am a fan of both Harry and Kevin and see this as great opportunity for them. Given that they both do not have many options in hollywood for regular roles, they are playing gangsters, and Asian gangsters like what Hollywood expects. The film has Martin Scorsese as a producer too.

I am a bit conflicted. I am sure this is a valid slice of Asian life in the US and very exciting to watch. However, it does continue to perpetuate the Asian gangster stereotype. The faux FOB accents were a bit distracting too. If you're gonna go FOB, do it as good as Russell Peters.

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