Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Movies of 2013

2013? Clearly we are in 2015 already? Yes, I know, I watch them there movies at a very slow pace. I normally have to wait for them to show up on Blu-ray or on HBO for me to watch the movies. Which gives me that really delayed reaction for making a top films of 2013 list. I just haven't seen them when the foo foo award season kicks off every year. According to Box Office Mojo, there were 687 films released in the US in 2013. Crazy!! I ain't watching that many films unless its my profession. And its not, this blog is a hobby. You can check out the bakers dozen of top money making films of 2013 here.

Here are my top films of 2013 of which I've seen at least 46 of!

#1 - Iron Man 3 (鋼鐵人3)

#2 - Oblivion (遺落戰境)

#3 - The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (白日夢冒險王)

#4 - Now You See Me (出神入化)

#5 - Thor: The Dark World (雷神索爾2:黑暗世界)

#6 - Fast and Furious 6 (玩命關頭6)

#7 - The Way Way Back (三分男孩)

#8 - World War Z (末日之戰)

#9 - Riddick (超世紀戰警:闇黑對決)

#10 - Star Trek Into Darkness (闇黑無界:星際爭霸戰)

Retrieved from Box Office Mojo on March 13, 2015

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