Sunday, April 27, 2014

Casino Raiders - 至尊無上

Casino Raiders (至尊無上) is an 1989 film out of Hong Kong. The movie stars Andy Lau and Alan Tam. The supporting cast include Idy Chan and Rosamund Kwan. The movie was based in both Hong Kong and the US of A. The movie may have played well in 1989 when it came out, but in todays age. It seems a bit of cheese.

Andy and Alan are top casino experts. They are invited to the states, Nevada maybe, to help a old friend that's in charge of security. They help their friend figure out. Tam goes straight and Lau gets in trouble. The two go in very different life paths. Tam climbs the ladder while Lau grinds it out. When Lau pleads for Tam's help one more time, all hell breaks loose.

This was very typical HK flare for that era as it took many genres of bro-hood. Gambling movies were still rare at the time, but the movie's focus wasn't gambling but the bromance between Tam and Lau. Tam was in the twilight of his monster fame while Lau was on the way up. In the end, the cheezy acting, bromance, and low quality filmmaking prevent me from recommending this film.

If you're a Lau fan from his gangster days, you'll like this. He's trying to be cooler than cool. Like ice cold.

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