Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Four - 四大名捕

The Four 四大名捕) is an 2012 film out of Hong Kong with mainland Zhong Guo investment. The movie stars Anthony Wong, Collin Chou, Crystal Liu, Deng Chao, Jiang Yiyan, Liu Yi Fei, Liu Yifei, and Ronald Cheng. The cast is pretty big. With a successful launch, 2 sequels were approved.

A team of misfits are put together to investigate more "abnormal" stuff than the regular detectives. The leader is a experienced detective with lies to the governor of the region. The four have their special abilities. Deng Chao as Cold Blood, who is good with the sword and has a monster within, literally. Liu Yifei as Emotionless who is crippled to her super powered wheelchair. Ronald Cheng as Life Snatcher, an expert with his feet. Collin Chou as Iron Hands, an strong brute with hands of steel. These four are up against a mysterious person putting out counterfeit coins. When they dig deep, they uncover a sinister plan that goes to the top of the government.

This movie is the Zhong Guo version of a comic book super team. They have special powers much like a mutant would. They are put together by an even more powerful man that's been around the block a few times. Which make for an interesting watch. It's an entertaining movie, but not a very good one. Many plot holes and way too many characters to keep track of. However, I enjoyed my watch and have recommended out to friends and co-workers as the "Chines X-Men" or "Chinese Avengers". Let it be known it is true. But just don't get your hopes up for an excellent movie.

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