Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Four II - 四大名捕2

The Four II (四大名捕2) is an 2013 film out of Hong Kong with Mainland Zhong Guo investment. The same cast from the first movie make their return, starring Anthony Wong, Collin Chou, Crystal Liu, Deng Chao, Jiang Yiyan, Liu Yi Fei, Liu Yifei, and Ronald Cheng. Ada Liu joins the cast to add some drama as a villain.

We're not left with the Four in good graces, but they discover a building with a lot of dead bodies. They lead them on a goose hunt that dives into the history of Zhuge Zhengwo and Emotionless. As they dig deeper, we see the extent of the corruption. But that's handle by a badly with Mystique like qualities to shape change into other people. When the leads and history are dug up, we see that Zhuge was holding back on Emotionless. As the four, they must figure out the mystery and clear their name.

This movie was much more on the action of back story. A very confusing back story too. As the explanation went, I was scratching my head going, "what?!" And these mysterious figures that control others are also lifted from the shadows. I think the addition of Ada Liu will give this a little more of a international audience as she's bring some major sex appeal you won't get from Crystal Liu.

If you enjoyed the first movie, this isn't more of the same. Its more confusion. But still watchable.

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