Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jeremy Lin Comes Back To Back Strong From Ankle Sprain

Jeremy Lin played off the bench for back to back games on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Jeremy Lin had sat out the 3 previous preseason games. We're looking at a wind down of the starters for the last game as it has been announced that Kobe would sit the last two preseason games.

You can see a stark contrast of the offense taylor made for up tempo and PG play in both Phoenix and Portland. The PG gets 2-3 high screens to work off of to get free to score or to initiate their offense. Goran ran buck wild over the Lakers and the Portland PGs got pretty much whatever they wanted as well. The bigs PnR defense has improve.

What is sad to see is the Jeremy Lin gets no screens when he initiates the offense. Jeremy Lin throws the ball to the outside/sideline guy who throws to a screener that pops to the top of the key while Jeremy Lin runs a full circle to get some low post rub screens to get the ball back to run a PnR. If Jeremy Lin has to do that every SINGLE time to get the ball to do a PnR, you're going to RUN him into the ground as the game progresses.

I know it takes time to get a defense ready and the type of offense that the Suns and Trailblazers run take no account of a SG's break down defense skills that the Lakers have in Kobe, but it would be nice to see them have Jeremy Lin get to a focal point.

It's the preseason and the coaches are looking to see whom will NOT make the next round of cut offs. So I don't want to over-react. But things that should happen as the season progresses is that Lin needs more PG plays run for him and that he needs to play more with Ed Davis.

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