Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jeremy Lin Goes 4 For 4 In Debut As Laker At Staples Center

Jeremy Lin had is Laker debut at Staples two nights ago against the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers lost the game and not many were all that surprised. The way they lost suggest they've got a lot of things to work on, specifically their defense.

Jeremy Lin finished 4 for 4 after going zero for six in his last outing. Add to that five free throws and Jeremy Lin has 14 points to go along with his 4 assists. Playing with the other four starters for the first time, you can see that they were a bit unsure during the first quarter. As the third quarter wound down, they looked a little better. But the Warriors were just so fluid.

It seems like it'll be a rough season, unless their defense takes off. I think the offense is limited in the front court, but with Lin, maybe he gets each of them a bucket or two more each game. That'll add up.

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