Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jeremy Lin Sprains Ankle

Jeremy Lin sprained his ankle last Saturday during a 5 on 5 scrimmage. Robert Sacre either stepped on Jeremy Lin's ankle or Jeremy Lin stepped on Sacre's foot. It matters not. The result is that Jeremy Lin has a sprained ankle. As their Sunday game against The Golden State Warriors started, Jeremy Lin was not in the lineup and did not play. The Lakers lost big in that game. Steve Nash did not play much either.

The pre-season is playing out how it should, test their 19 man roster and see who's gonna stay and who's gonna get cut. There's also the evaluation of who's starting as well. The Lakers have a lot of players that were not on the team before and are playing together for the first time. If you can remember back, there was a time that OKC with both KD and Westbrook were not even picked to make the playoffs. It takes time to get a team to gel.

With Lin out of the game, I could barely watch this incarnation of the Lakers. Kobe had an off shooting night paired up with GSW going buck wild.

Since that Sunday game, there have been a couple of new developments. Steve Nash is not healthy anymore and Jeremy Lin in the starting line up. These are major developments for both Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin. Steve Nash is a future first ballot Hall of Fame player who may have stayed around the NBA one too many seasons. Jeremy Lin was poorly used prior to his time on the Lakers. Time will tell if Steve Nash can be healthy enough to contribute to the Lakers and if the Lakers will play FULLY to the strength of Jeremy Lin's game.

There's no doubt that Jeremy Lin's game has grown tremendously since his pre-Carmelo Linsanity run. Jeremy Lin has improved a lot with his shot, off the ball movement, etc. But the current offense of the Lakers still does not play fully to Jeremy Lin's strengths.

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