Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chinese Paladin 3 - 仙劍奇俠傳三 - 仙劍三 - 仙劍3 - 仙劍奇俠傳之靈珠神劍

Chinese Paladin 3 (仙劍奇俠傳三/仙劍三/仙劍奇俠傳之靈珠神劍) is a 2009 wuxia fantasy series. The 5 main stars are Hu Ge, Yan Mi, Wallace Huo, Cecilia Liu, and Tiffany Tang. The series runs 37 episodes with each running an average of 42 minutes each. I got my copy via YesAsia. I would rank it as one of my favorite wuxia series. The story is based on a video game called The Legend of Sword and Fairy.

Hu Ge as Jing Tian / Long Yang / Fei Peng (19 years old) - Stinky Tofu/Veggie Teeth
Yang Mi as Tang Xue Jian / Xi Yao (18 years old)
Wallace Huo as Xu Chang Qing (27 years old) - White Tofu
Liu Shi Shi (Cecilia) as Long Kui (1000 years old)
Tang Yan (Tiffany) as Zi Xuan (200 years old)

Jing Tian is a worker at a antiques pawn shop, but has magical dreams of grandeur. One night, while watching falling stars, Jing Tian is given a jade. This jade is the other half of a pair. You can make a wish with it. Tang Xue has the other pair and they are bound to become one. Xu Chang comes to Tang manor to investigate some "poison" people. Let the fun begin.

I think that's enough of a synopsis for you to want to give it go. Jing Tian is pompous, arrogant, speaks his mind and arguementative. If that bothers you, you won't make it through the series.

The story goes into roughly 5-6 story arcs. Each requires the group to accomplish a goal at each juncture.

So, having so much screen time for Yang Mi, Cecilia Liu and Tiffany Tang was great! These are 3 very beautiful women and they had mucho screen time. Tiffany Tang reminds me a lot of a younger version of Hao Lei. Yang Mi and Cecilia both show up in other Jin Yong wuxia series.

I want to thank the casting director for putting together such an amazing set of beautiful women together. I hope all three have long and productive careers.

In comparison to the first Chinese Paladin, this one seemed so much better. I made another atempt to watch Chinese Paladin I a few months ago. I had to stop after a few episodes. No matter if you throw Sweety, Crystal Liu, and Ady An at me, the characters and story were annoying. No eye candy can prevent that.

But Chinese Paladin 3 was so different in story, structure, and characters that I was instantly drawn in. The eye candy made it that much better.

You should make sure you watch this.

The production value was very high as well. Were there cheezy CG effects? Yes, but it's ok, it's fantasy wuxia much better than 80s/90s style TVB stuff. Will the CG stand the test of time? No way! But for 2009, you should watch it and enjoy it for what it is. The CG moves the story along.

The music is great too. I need to pick up the OST later in the month.


Anonymous said...

I agree! This was a wonderful drama :D

Populasian said...

3 months later, I still have fond feelings for it.