Sunday, August 22, 2010

Target Commercials

Target is fast becoming a all in one shopping destination for my family. Back just 3-4 years ago, we had to split shopping trips into the supermarkets, the mall, Costco, and Target. Recently, Target has given reason for me to eliminate supermarkets, malls and Costco. Target has it all now. From clothes to dairy products to simi-bulk items. There really isn't a reason to look else where.

The prices may not compare to Costco, but I don't have to worry about storage space and the massive lines.

Malls have all been eliminated from my trips. Malls are such a hassle when you've got to drag around 2 young kids. Parking usually sucks and the mall is usually multi-levels. Not fun to navigate around.

Supermarkets have been reduced to meat, fruit, and veggies. So, its been reduced from once a week to once a month. We've also made it a point to make it out to the local Farmer's Markets as well.

So, Target has recently been airing lots and lots of commercials. In the case of Target, they actually present Asians normally. As part of life. No ching chong flute music. No bamboo garden on the desk behind. Just regular settings.

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