Friday, August 13, 2010

弦子 - 天真 -- Xian Zi - Innocent

弦子/天真 (Xian Zi/Innocent) was released a few months ago in Taipei and China. I picked it up recently at AMAX. The lead song is the theme track for Always Smile!. The rest is a bunch of pop tunes that go both fast and slow. There are 4 MVs for the CD already, you can take a listen yourself.

I was very disappointed when first listened to it. But after the 3rd and 4th time, I love the CD. Sometimes, it just takes a few repeat listens to get adjusted. I do prefer the 2nd half to the first half. So, do NOT give up on it. It'll put a smile on your face eventually.

Xian Zi is from the Guang Xi region, so her Mandarin is very similar to the "proper" Mandarin spoken in Taiwan. In many cases, I was thinking, is she from Taiwan? But she makes her music in Taiwan. Xian Zi is also very easy on the eyes.

Below are a bunch of clips from her latest CD, 天真 - Innocent.

If you'll remember, Xian Zi was a contestant on some China singing show from a few years back. She was asked to sing a duet with Wilber Pan a few years back called, 不得不愛 (roughly translates to, "can't help it to love"). Which to this day, I'll have on repeat for hours on end when I need to focus.

Pick it up and give a few tries. It'll grow on you.

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