Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Lost Of Jeremy Lin Era

Jeremy Lin and the Knicks failed in there bid for 8 straight wins by falling to the woeful New Orleans Hornets, 89-85. Jeremy Lin had 26 points, 5 assist, 4 Steals, and 9 turnovers. Since Lin's emergence 12 days ago, Lin's battle with turnovers has been the glaring shortcoming for the breakout star in the making. Even he noted it with his tweet, "9 TOs wont get it done...gotta learn from my mistakes and move on to the next one. See you guys sunday!" A redhot Dallas Mavericks team makes their sole MSG appearance on Sunday. Better get those TOs down Jeremy!

On another front, Jeremy Lin's play has caught the US sports world by storm. Resulting in the NBA forcing Jeremy Lin into the NBA's All-Star weekend festivities. Jeremy Lin is set to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge and the Slam Dunk contest. I've been pretty disappointed with the All-Star game since it went to "cable" years ago. Even though I've been on "cable" since getting FiOS a couple of year ago, I still don't have much interest in it. BUT this year, me and my friends will get together during the weekend and make an event out of it. Yupe, the NBA did the right thing and got Jeremy Lin in there. He's not in the All-Star game, he's part of other stuff. So you don't have to get upset to call him an All-star, he's not yet. Maybe next year when he's a starter for the Lakers (HA! I can wish right?!)

In other news, Jeremy Lin will be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. In the wake of the annual swimsuit issues making the show biz rounds, Jeremy Lin's cover stole the thunder!

Not to be outdone, the Asia version of the TIME magazine will also feature Jeremy Lin on its cover. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get my hands on one without some work. The Asia edition is sold in Asia and I live in Los Angeles. I asked my friends that might be traveling through Asia to find one, but they are primarily sold in airports.

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