Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Colombiana - 魅影殺機

Colombiana (魅影殺機) is an 2011 film. The movie stars Zoe Saldana. The supporting cast include Michael Vartan and Cliff Curtis.

Colombiana witnesses the murder of her parents and escapes to the latino mafia area of Chicago. There, she learns the mafia life and becomes an assassin. Colombiana is seeking out those that murdered her parents and will take major risks to get to them. Living an lonely life, she has an friends with benefits relationship with Michael Vartan's artist character. But when she finds the killers and where they are, the hunt begins.

The movie was ultra violent and was a classic hitman movie with a female lead. I liked the movie for its assassins life portrayal. But when the whole friends with benefits things comes into play, it's far fetched and boring. Just get to the killing and finish the story. If you like hitman movies, you'll like this one.

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