Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Steel - 鋼鐵擂台

Real Steel (鋼鐵擂台) is an 2011 film. The movie stars Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, and Evangeline Lilly. Support cast include Karl Yune and Olga Fonda.

In the near future, humans no longer fight in the ring. Human controlled robots fight. Humans build and operate them like they would a RC car. Some have shadow features (why everyone doesn't have this is lame). Hugh Jackman plays a robot hustler, named Charlie, trying to make ends meet with old jobs with his robot. In a case of being totally stupid, he loses his robot and has to find a new one. When he gets back to his homebase, he's left with a son he never knew about from his former ex-wife. Seizing the opportunity to get some $$ from the rich aunt and uncle that want Max for themselves, they embark on a summer adventure. With the new earned $$, Charlie purchases a former Asian robot champ. On the first fight, feeling a little too confident, the robot is decapitated. Charlie and his son Max now have to get a new robot. When looking for parts to repair, they happen around a sparring robot and salvage it with great fanfare. The robot has a shadow feature and Max puts a bunch of key features from the two other destroyed robots. From that shadow feature, Charlie gets back to his boxing roots and trains Atom to fight. Fights so well with Charlie's natural boxing talent, he takes out all the suckers.

This movie is not for adults. It's for kids. The story was based on a 10 year olds perception of life. Charlie is not a man to make good decisions. How a 10 year boy changes his life could happen, but not likely. Reality isn't this films strong suit. However, the story is feel good and has the ultimate happy ending. Karl Yune plays the Japanese antagonist of the film that barely speaks and looks angry 99% of the time. However, he's not the only Asian presence in the movie. Some of the robot controllers were also Asian.

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