Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaolin Soccer - 少林足球

Shaolin Soccer (少林足球) is a 2001 film out of Hong Kong. The movie stars Stephen Chow and Zhao Wei and plenty of other supporting characters.

The movie is about Sing played by Stephen Chow. Sing is trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and has made it his goal to tell the world about it. However, the world doesn't want to hear it. As a result, Sing is dirt poor and wanders the streets of Hong Kong. Fung is a down and out soccer legend. Fung and Sing hook up to form a team to play soccer.

That is all you need to know that this movie is going to kick ass and make you smile, laugh, and LOL! It's hard to remember the days before Shaolin Soccer. Stephen Chow was no international star and the classic Kung Fu genre in HK was bleek. But not after this film. HK cinema was back on the international map again after this film.

The movie still stands as a classic and will forever be one of those that you watch again every few years.

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