Sunday, June 7, 2009

All's Well End's Well 2009 - 家有囍事2009

All's Well End's Well 2009 (家有囍事2009) is a 2009 film out of Hong Kong starring Louis Koo. It is a remake of the 1992 film that starred Stephen Chow and Maggie Cheung.

I saw the original and sequels, but can vaguely remember them. So, when I watched the 2009 version, I had no baggage. Clean slate and thought it was a cheezy movie.

Louis plays a dating expert and is hired by Ronald Cheng to get his sister married. Because there is a curse on his family. The curse is that the oldest have to be married first or the younger sibling cannot.

The sister is a major "non-marriage" proponent. Even writing books about it. A self made executive that has lots of power and money.

They end up in a Qiandao resort. Hilarious situations ensue. Queue laugh tracks.

It is a watch once, may have entertained me for X minutes, back to the daily grind kind of movies.

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