Sunday, June 21, 2009

白色巨塔 - The Hospital

白色巨塔 (The Hospital) is a 2006 drama out of Taiwan. The 3 main stars are Jerry Yan, Janine Chang, and Leon Dai. Among the many supporting cast members are Linda Liao, Ryan Tang, Cheryl Yang, Saya, Pally Jian, and Josephine Hsu. The series has 39 episodes.

I watched this drama 1.5 times. First in 2006 when it made it to DVD here in Los Angeles. Than again on and off during 2008. I put on the first 25 or so episodes while washing dishes. So, for me, the best parts came in the first 25 episodes. The series has an extremely high production value including a star studded cast. Emotions were high and drama was at the center. The first episode had me liking Jerry Yan's Yi Hua right away. I was stricken by Janine Chang and Linda Liao. I have a vague remembrance of the drama on TV here in LA. I can't remember if it was LA18 or a cable channel.

The drama is about life in "The Hospital". Apparently, there are a lot of politics and an hierarchy to adhere to. Yi Hua is a prodigy of sorts. The youngest to ascend to his position in the hospital. Yi Hua is good natured and keeps his patients number one. However, the top position in the Hospital is going to open us soon as the person there is retiring. Politics and jostling of positions starts. Yi Hua seems to be at the center of lots of the politics. All the while, Yi Hua is trying to get back into the life of Janine Chang's character, Guan Xin. Yi Hua and Guan Xin were a couple in college. But when Yi Hua went to the army, Guan Xin went to another man. Ever since, Guan Xin has rejected Yi Hua. However, for Yi Hua, Guan Xin is still the love of his life. A president's daughter is admitted. 2 sides, surgery and internal medicine duke it out for the honor of treating the president's daughter.

Wow. That's drama for you. High drama. Intense moments. Yelling, crying, amazing scenery shots. Great music. Its got it all. If you wanted the epitome of Taiwanese Drama production in 2006, look no further than "The Hospital".

A sidenote on the OST. I picked it up via YesAsia and it doesn't contain the Jerry Yan version. Sucks.

This is among my favorite series and I think I'll be watching parts of it every 3-5 years. Writing up this review has me interested in it again.

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