Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stolen Life - 生死劫

Stolen Life (生死劫) is a 2005 film out of China starring Zhou Xun.

The is about a Yanni (Zhou Xun) who leaves for college. Once there, she experiences a sense of freedom she has never had. Yanni comes from a broken home where her mother left her in the care of her aunt and grandmother. Growing up in a home with no love. But her parents allow her to goto college when she is accepted. It is there that she meets Mu-yu, a delivery boy. In a strange turn of events, Yanni ditches college to shack up with Mu-yu where they eventually have a baby. Things get worst from there, Mu-yu sells the baby and dumps Yanni.

If that were to happen to you? You might call it a Stolen Life. With a bright future ahead of her. If she was successful in college, Yanni throws it all away for a low life scum Mu-yu. Whom Yanni finds out later, is doing it to other women.

I wasn't sure how I felt after watching this. Mainly because I thought the path that Yanni took was much too unbelievable. But regardless, the signs of Mu-yu being a bad influence were pretty evident. Yet, Yanni still stuck around.

Since I have two daughters, I hope they never meet a guy like Mu Yu.

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