Tuesday, June 9, 2009

愛到底 - L-O-V-E (Love)

愛到底 (L-O-V-E / Love) is a 2009 movie out of Taiwan. The movie is split up into 4 story arcs. Each arc has its own directer and stars. But none of the 4 stories are linked together. This film has been on my radar since March.

The first story arc stars Van Fan and Megan Lai. Van and Megan are celebrating their 7th year together. They recall together how they met and fell in love. In a 3 hour elevator ride. Van had a broken foot in that elevator. While at the hospital for an examination, another patient approaches him because they have the same sounding voice. The patient has 3 months to live and ask that Van calls his suicidal mother to wish her well, so that she will continue to live on. Van now has a brain tumor (assuming here) and he's going in for life threatening surgery. Van ask for the same to the ether for someone to call Megan.

The second story arc stars Blue Lan, Annie Liu, Alan Kuo, Tammy Chen, and Chie Tanaka. Annie Liu is a tour guide for the 華山 area. Blue Lan is the director for a MV shot in the area. Alan Kuo, Tammy Chen, and Chie Tanaka are there to make the MV. Annie Liu and Alan strike up a friendly relationship. To Blue's distaste. Blue confronts Annie and ask her why she's ignoring him. Annie doesn't remember him and the love triangle is officially started. We later find out that Annie and Blue were together 3 years ago. But three years ago, they split and Annie gets into an car accident and loses some of her memory. Including all of her memory of Blue.

The third story arc stars Ethan Ruan and Alice Tzeng. This arc is hard to describe as it doesn't have a story. It is about a couple that are at a crossroads in their relationship. One is more mature and one is less. When will the less mature be ready to grow to the same level?

The forth story arc stars mainly Tracy Chou. The rest of the crew is like a who's who of the Taiwan entertainment industry. Many many cameos. The story arc is also hard to describe because it has a storyline, but an exaggerated one. The premise is comedic in nature. This arc doesn't have the feel of the other 3 and is the most light hearted.

Should you watch it? Yes. It was a well made film that presents love in 4 very different view points. Can they stand along on their own? Probably not. But as a premise of the title of the film goes, love to the end (愛到底), with all 4 stacked together, you get the point.

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