Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pieces of 2008 Beijing Olympics on Universal Sports

Recently on Universal Sports, they've been showing the main events from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This past week, they had the Men's and Women's Gymnastics Finals on during prime time.

In each case, it was the story of the underdog team from the USA battling for a medal against the favorites from China. In the end, the pressure seem to get to the US teams more as China took gold in both. Last night, it was a whole night on pothead Phelps.

While getting some of the 2008 Olympic action, a short ad for Universal Sports comes on. Its a ping pong table and 2 guys hit the ball back to each other. It than cuts to a montage of Table Tennis (all look Chinese). The end was that there would be more Table Tennis on Universal Sports this summer.

I get Universal Sports on 4.4 here in Los Angeles.

The website is terrible. I can't find the schedule beyond 2 days and it doesn't recap events it has broadcast.

Check out clips from their YouTube channel.

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