Monday, June 22, 2009

Air Guitar Nation

Air Guitar Nation is a 2006 documentary about the 2003 World Championship of Air Guitar.

The story starts with the the discovery of the 2002 Air Guitar Championship. But there is no USA representative. They decide to send a US rep and put on 2 events to find one. One on the East Coast in NYC and one on the West at the Roxy.

The winner of the East Coast event is David Jung as C-Diddy. The story than centers on David and the runner up, Dan Crane as Björn Türoque. They give a brief bio of each and follow them just a little bit prior to the event and after. The 2nd event on the west coast is eventually won by David Jung, making him the official representative of the USA at the 2003 Air Guitar Championship.

Of course, there is a little drama. Dan Crane, not happy as the runner up, crashes the west coast event and enters the at large competition at Air Guitar Championship and makes it. However, the highest that Dan ever gets in direct competition with David Jung is the runner up spot at the US East Coast event.

The movie also explores David's life with his family and fiancé. David apparently abandoned a pre-med college path for acting! The horror for the only son of a first generation Korean family.

The American dvd covers of this movie shows nothing about David Jung, but Dan Crane! What the! Racist hollywood at work again. Dan is a supporting figure yet lands the picture on the cover of the DVDs.

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