Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Assembly - 集結號

The Assembly (集結號) is a 2007 film out of China. The film stars Zhang Hanyu.

The movie starts with the Chinese Civil War in 1948. The CPC vs. the KMT. The battle sequences are "Saving Private Ryan" like. The first third of the movie is during the Chinese Civil War. Since this is a China movie, the CPC are the eventual winners of the War. The climatic war sequence is blacked out to Capitan Gu's troop making the ultimate sacrifice.

The movie shift than to the post war life of Captain Gu. Gu is trying to pick up his life after the war and make a living. Gu finds out that his troop is considered AWOL and not honored. Gu sets on a mission to say that his troop sacrificed their lives for the CPC and that they should be honored and not considered traitors. Gu's way proving this is to find their bodies. The site of the the troops last battle is now under tons of coal. Gu starts digging.

The movie doesn't go for or against sides of the war. The war happened, life needs to go on after. In that sense, it sidesteps any political statement.

The movie instead focuses on the life of Gu and those that come into it. Because of this, the movie succeeds in entertaining.

I thought the movie was good and recommend it.

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