Monday, October 11, 2010

Amazing Race 17 - Leg 3

I caught the third episode of the Amazing Race 17 last night. The stayed in Ghana for the episode. They had to find a boxing academy and do some things, than get to a supply depot and deliver supplies to a school, where they had to place Ghana in the right place on a map. After that, they where given a detour to do a language or activity.

Kevin and Michael didn't have the best taxis nor the best of luck. On two of the activities, they had to change course. And they finished last. LAST! But wait! This leg was not an elimination round! What?! That's right, they have to do a speed bump next week, but who knows. They might still be in this.

Last week, I was high on Brook, but I totally dislike her now. They totally dissed Kevin. So lame since it wasn't even a crucial point. But I did get on the Gary & Mallory bandwagon now. This father and daughter pair look like they can kick butt.

Nat & Kat don't seem like they have a lot of luck. Taxis getting lost, taxis breaking down, getting lost, etc.

I want to hate Connor & Jonathan, but those fools blew away everyone in leg 3. Starting in sixth place, they were clam and collected and had the help of Samson on their side.

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