Monday, October 18, 2010

Amazing Race 17 - Leg 4

I caught the fourth episode of the Amazing Race 17 last night. They stayed in Ghana to help paint the school. They eventually had to make their way to Kiruna Sweden to the Ice Palace. KevJumba and dad had to do a speed bump, 10 minutes on some ice chairs. Pretty easy bump this early in the race. Once they got to the palace, they had to find some dogs to sled and than to a train station. Where they have a detour. Sleds or beds. Than they have to get to the Norwegian border.

KevJumba and dad were... 4th! Nat and Kat were 1st! Gary and Mallory were 2nd.

This episode, the physical aspect really kept KevJumba and dad from first. On the detour, they opted for the longer tasks because a 2 minute course would have caused trouble for Michael. Nat and Kat! These two ladies seem to get into trouble on all their tasks, but they came out on top today!

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