Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Abduction - 在劫難逃

Abduction (在劫難逃) is an 2011 film starring Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins. The movie was described as Bourne-esque and a "spy" thriller.

Taylor plays Nathan Harper, a teenage boy who's not so popular at school. Lily Collins plays Karen Murphy, Nathan's neighbor that has fallen out of touch in recent years. Queue popularity stereotypes. They are assigned to do a report on missing children. Nathan finds that he looks strikingly similar to one and has always felt it as well. Nathan is on a hacking website when they find this. When Nathan confronts his surrogate parents, the bad guys come and try to capture him. Queue guy on the run storyline with beautiful gurl in tow. Eventually, facts start coming out and pieces are places together where Nathan confronts the bad guys.

This movie was a hard watch. Both Taylor and Lily are not "oscar" class actors "yet". They have very similar expressions throughout the whole film. I don't know if they are sad, happy, or freaked out. They just look the same all the time. Which makes it hard to attach emotionally to their dilemma. I know I am NOT the demographic they are trying to sell this too. But I did watch it and it won't get a repeat viewing from me anytime soon.

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