Thursday, May 24, 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 - Rihanna Challenge

Last night was the seventh episode of the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. The super star for this week was Rihanna. Each crew was given a song and to use props inspired by the song. This week, the bottom two were Fanny Pak and Elektrolytes. In the end, the judges decided to eliminate Fanny Pak. This was the fourth week in a row that Fanny Pak fell to the bottom.

I am not all that familiar with Rihanna songs, but a couple of them popped up today that made me go, "oh hey, I didn't know this was from Rihanna". In my late 30s now, I hear the songs, but I normally don't have a clue who the artist are. Most of the time.

Mos Wanted Crew finally came through and did an amazing performance. I think we all know that they are the best dancers, but as a crew, as a unit, they've hardly proven that. Maybe they'll have enough of a good showing these next two weeks to propel them. However, at this point, I think any of the four crews can win. Do you think anyone can stop 8 Flavahz? I don't. But I thought that of the Iconic Boys from season 6 as well. In season 8, the first criterion is to be sub 15 years old.

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