Thursday, May 17, 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 - Pitbull Challenge

Last night was the sixth episode of the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. The super star for this week was Pitbull. Each crew was given a song and to represent the different countries Pitbull has been too. The show went back to the traditional two bottom crew elimination this week. This week, the bottom two were Fanny Pak and Rated Next Generation. In the end, the judges decided to keep both crews. Thus, no elimination happened this week. The judge cited that they thought the two performances from the bottom could have been the two best and deserve another shot to dance next week.

I did not like Rated Next Generation's routine. They Ching Chong it all up with their lame hands together bowing and kung fu fighter moves. The 1000 hand routine as shown on the show was made famous by this specific troupe, but it's hardly Chinese too. However, Zhong Guo does not really have an dance like other countries have a signature one. With so many ethnic groups in Zhong Guo, no signature dance ever emerged. But that's true for most countries.

In summary, I didn't like this week much. I didn't really enjoy the routines. After watching the Lakers blow a comfortable lead in the playoffs, I wanted something more. It wasn't and I was gravely disappointed. But I will watch on, maybe, I got Diablo III installed and waiting for me. Make it better MTV!

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