Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Contraband - 禁運品

Contraband (禁運品) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster, and Giovanni Ribisi. I've seen this film on Blu-ray and multiple times via HBO.

Mark Wahlberg plays Chris, an owner of an security installation company. He's chilled from his former life of running "contraband" on ships. Married with children, he tries to stay away. Hey, but if he did, we wouldn't have a movie. When Chris's wife owes some sharks money, he is forced into action to get a pay day to settle the dept. However, there's a bigger plot on the side that puts Chris's family in harms way. Can Chris save the day?

Of course, its a movie! Mark plays a really compelling character with skills and an dark past. A past that we can stereotype into kung fu master territory. When he's force to do a job, the movie kicks into high gear. At its essences, this is an heist movie. And all well made heist movie rock! This one is no exception!

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