Friday, May 25, 2012

Jeremy Lin - Not Quite An Olympian Yet

Jeremy Lin is headed back to Cali. Even tho its NoCal, its still Cali. Cali rulz. Respect....

In other news, Jeremy Lin was trending number 1 over things like Facebook on Monday with rumors of his future being up in the air.

Jeremy Lin was selected to the "practice" squad for the upcoming Olympics. The squad that plays against the crew that actually goes to London. The squad that goes need practice. We are talking about practice. Practice mang.

The other news is that he can only do this if he has a contract. And as of today, none. Which means he can't practice. Sad. Let Jeremy Lin play.

With STAT wanting his former teammate Nash in NYC, where can the Knicks put Jeremy Lin. Who else wants to make a run at a guy coming off an injury.

Maybe my hometown Lakers will shake things up and that gives a chance for Jeremy Lin to come. Hey, I can dream right?

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