Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Sitter - 保姆奇遇記

The Sitter (保姆奇遇記) is an 2011 film. The movie stars Jonah Hill and 3 kids. Sam Rockwell plays the sensitive drug dealer that has problems.

Jonah Hill plays Noah, a college drop out that has a dead end life. At the age of 20. In a relationship with a girl that he pleasures, but doesn't pleasure him back, we see him as a pushover. But when he gets home to his mom, we see him as selfish loser that is a plain jerk. Add to it that he's lazy. When his mom is set up with a date with a doctor, he reluctantly agrees to babysit for the family doing the set up. Once there, he's introduced to a overly sensative 13 year old, a violent adoptee, and a 9 year old pre-madonna diva. Once there, his "girlfriend" agree to have sex with him, IF he gets her some blow. Nice. So the story goes into drugs, the hood, a night club, and a wild chase. Nice night for a Sitter. The story takes place all within a few hours.

The movie was funny in parts and completely ridiculous in others. If Noah had any ounce of like-ability, it was that he was a complete jerk and kept to it. Because he was a jerk, maybe you felt something for him. I did not and I watched for the funny stuff, but it was far and few. I don't recommend this nor will I be watching it on re-runs.

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