Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fighting - 英雄之战

Fighting/Fighter (英雄之战) is an 2014 film out of Zhong Guo. The film stars Peter Ho and Lu Yi. The movie stayed in Zhong Guo's Top Ten list for a few weeks.

The film starts in modern times where a boy that was found looks for his dad. When a teacher with a magical butterfly pendent plays the piano, he steals it and is transferred back into time to what seems like the 1930s Shanghai pre-Japanese occupation. Peter Ho plays a boxer that spent his time growing up in the United States. Lu Yi plays a marksman solider. A fighting tournament is organized and they both enter. Lots of fighting happens. The annoying boy is apparently looking for his father as the main plot point, but that's completely lost with Ho and Lu going at it.

This movie was bad. Like cheezy bad. It might make for some great bad dub wu tang thing. It's that kind of movie. So bad it could be a cult classic. Peter Ho's acting is way over the top and his mix in of English just seems so out of place. I didn't see it adding any value other than confusing those having to read the subtitles in Zhong Guo that does not understand English.

I watched and survived. You might too.

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