Thursday, July 17, 2014

行動代號:孫中山 - Meeting Dr. Sun - Upcoming

行動代號:孫中山 (Meeting Dr. Sun) was released in Taipei last weekend. The movie broke the top five in a crowded field. Which is good for a local movie. Recent movies haven't had much longevity. Let's see the legs on this one.

I do and don't want to see this. I remember the "who's more poor" arguments when I first immigrated to the US. I grew up pretty poor when my parents started over here in LA, but never in poverty. But with help and a drive to do well academically, we're very 'middle class' now. With that same storyline, they present it in this movie about families in poverty trying to get out.

So, I do want to watch it, but its of High School students. I don't want to watch a high school story. But the storyline is most interesting to me.

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