Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Non-Stop - 空中救援 - 直航殺機

Non-Stop (空中救援) is an 2014 film. The film stars Liam Neeson. This movie is in a long line of current action films for Liam. Since Taken, Liam is had a steady stream of action films. Just click on the tag of this post to see all the movies he's been in recently.

Liam plays Bill Marks, an alcoholic U.S. federal air marshal, on a flight to London from New York. Marks seems a little out of sorts as he's seen putting alcohol into his coffee cup and spraying mouth fresher to cover it up. He's also seen as rule breaker when he smokes in the lavatory. Marks starts to get text that every 20 minutes, a person on the plane is going to die. Marks must now go into action to stop this terrorist. On the flip side, he's also being framed for the hijacking of the plane. Non-stop flight to London from New York.

The movie is a bit of different take on the Taken movies, but not by much. A flawed hero that is very good at getting to the bad and willing to do what it takes. The passengers are all suspects but they're not revealed until the end. I nice action movie that kept me in tuned even when the story wasn't exactly the strongest.

I do recommend this if you like Liam's other action films. In his 60s now, Liam is kicking butt and taking names later.

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