Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jeremy Lin Coming To The Lakers

Dreams can come true. At least for this Laker fan. My current favorite player, Jeremy Lin, is reportedly on his way to my hometown team of Lakers. The last couple of years, I have had to watch both Houston and Lakers games. That's a lot of work. Now, its all in one place and I can cancel my league pass too. Yah!

The Lakers have much cap space for none max players and they don't mind going over the cap. Reportedly, the Lakers gave the league $50+ million this year as part of the revenue sharing system. For a 27 win team, that's pretty dang good as that was also tops in the league.

Having watched the TWC segment on the how the free agency has affected the Lakers, the lame-o "experts" are still calling out Jeremy Lin's defense. Byron Scott even chimed in on it. What the heck?! They're just taking the Lin haters words out of Houston's mouths. Lame! They better change their tune by the start of the season. In 71 games, only 2-3 times did anyone really get off on Jeremy Lin last year. The defensive score of Jeremy Lin was also better than Houston's defense stopper, mista blow by me Patrick. Watch the games "experts"!

Ok, the deal is still to be finalized, but I have high hopes it'll happen since all major media sources have confirmed this.

Now, if the Lakers can get a coach to implement a system to help all the pieces go, that'll be a 7th or 6th seed in the west. Which would be the #3 or above in the east any given year recently.

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