Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jeremy Lin Is A Laker

If those pictures are any indication, the trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets to send Jeremy Lin to LA is finalized. Jeremy is now back in Taiwan to finish off his annual Asia tour.

The interwebs are blowing up and its got the spectrum of people that think its awesome like me, to haters. Its unfortunate to see the lame un-educated and often racist remakes in Laker-dome. But the world is as it is because we all can have different opinions.

I for one see this as a great opportunity for Jeremy Lin to shine. Kendall Marshall's recent waive might be indication of the Lakers future move to have Jeremy Lin be their primary ball handler. Can Lin and Boozer get their pick and roll on? Can Lin spot up and drain those three's when Kobe is double and triple teamed? Can the defense handle the bigger front courts of the West?

All these answers will come around Halloween. Forget the costumes, let's get those Laker jersey's on!

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