Thursday, April 12, 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 - Britney Spears Challenge

Last night was the premiere of the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. Unlike the first five seasons, we're introduced to only 5 of the 10 teams like in season 6. The five teams compete this week to impress the judges. But only 4 will move on. Next week, another 5 groups will be introduced. However, this week, the last place crew battles it out with the last place crew from next week to see who's cut. What?! I guess they gotta milk an extra episode out of this season.

I didn't think they would let the Asian dominate the show like they did the first 5 seasons. Season 6 produced the least amount of Asians (I didn't fact check this...) and I thought the trend would continue for this season. To get a crew without any Asian. It was pretty close last season, but IaMmE won it.

This week's episode was Asian filled to the brim. Every crew had one or more. None of the groups were all Asian. Awesome, good representation. The five crews were 8 Flavahz from Honolulu/Los Angeles, Mix'd Elements from NoHo, Irratik from Montreal, Stepboys from the Bay Area, and returning Valley group, Fanny Pak. The five crews were given an Brittany Spears song challenge and they all played up the various aspects of her whacky life. In the end, Mix'd Elements were sent to the bottom for possible elimination next week. I liked Fanny Pak and Irratik the best. I was quite uncomfortable watching Stepboys and will try to avoid eye contact with them.

From the preview for next weeks episode, it seems they pitted all the Asians against each other this week to fight it out with the non-Asian next week. But its also a very west coast dominated show again.

All in all, the show seems like a repeat of season 5 and 6. Nice crews with some unique elements, but the cream of the crop have already been showcased in prior season. The rejects from those seasons time to shine now. Just the shine is a little dull.

However, I was entertained enough to still give this a chance. Give HOPE a chance!

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