Friday, April 6, 2012

My Young Auntie - 長輩

My Young Auntie (長輩) is an 1981 film. The movie stars Lau Kar-leung and Kara Hui. The supporting cast include Hsiao Ho and Gordon Liu. I borrowed this DVD from my local library the other week. My library.

The Yu family has a lots a land at stack. When the current patriarch commands a servant to wed him and transfer the land to an heir, the younger brother is not happy. The servant is sent to the city to get the land to the rightful heir. When the brother uses evil means to get the will and land ownership, the rightful heir and his brothers go get it back.

The movie was classic Shaw Bros. Classic. Cheezy themes. Influence of HK culture applied to old traditional Chinese culture. Kara Hui tries to get a little sexy for comedy relief. It all adds up to be extremely fun movie. However, it does drag and the fighting is predictable.

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