Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Raid: Redemption - 全面突襲

The Raid: Redemption (全面突襲) is an 2011 film out of Indonesia. The movie stars Iko Uwais. Directed by Welsh-man Gareth Evans. The movie already has a sequel linked to it.

Iko plays a rookie swat member. The swat team is sent into a gang invested building to take out its larger than life boss. The swat team is to make minimal contact and take the prisoners in. However, they are discovered and the boss offers a bounty for their heads. The tenants along with the boss's henchmen get in on the action of killing the swat members. However, a few make it out now much escape the building with no backup in sight.

This movie was very violent. The action is abundant, but the story behind it is very weak. There are many holes in the story, but that's not why you're watching this. You're watching this for the insane action. In this action movie edition, the close range knife fighting is explored and glorified for the viewers pleasure. With fast action and well choreographed fights, its a sight to behold. Take your thinking caps off and throw it in the dumpster, this movie is all about the action.

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