Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Jade Tiger - 白玉老虎

The Jade Tiger (白玉老虎) is an 1977 film out of Hong Kong. The film stars Ti Lung. The supporting cast are all other regulars during the 1970s Shaw Bros dominance.

Two warring clans, Zhao and Tang, go at each other. Ti Lung as Wuji, is part of the Zhao clan. On his wedding day, the Tang clan send a gift of 100,000 golds taels for the head of the Zhao clan. That night, the head is missing from the head of the Zhao clan. Wuji is now forced to take revenge. Wuji must infiltrate and take the head of the person that took his father's head and destroy an old rival in the Tang Clan.

Classic Shaw Bros. film with Ti Lung in an hero role. The hero must not only perform his duty, but live with the dire consequences of them. The classic who is there all this killing flick. Not the first time you'll see a wuxia movie present, nor the last. There's a similar vain with Hk triad movies every once in awhile. A must watch for Shaw Bros. movie buffs.

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