Monday, April 23, 2012

Chronicle - 超能失控

Chronicle (超能失控) is an 2012 film. The movie stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell. The film's style is on "real life" video devices such as camcorders, video phones, closed circuit television, etc. The movie is spliced together in sequence by these devices.

The film starts with Andrew blocking the door from a drunk father. Andrew announces to his father that he's going to record everything from now on. Andrew is picked up by his cousin Matt to goto school. You see via video that Andrew isn't popular and is bullied while at school. That night, Andrew's father burges into his room and slams him to the floor for refusing to open the door in the morning. Andrew decides to goto a party with his cousin Matt. At the party, Matt and one of the most popular kids in school, Steve is there. They ask Andrew to video tape them getting into a hole in the ground. All three jump and find an extraterrestrial "ship". All three touch it and the ground starts to shake. The film picks up again in a back yard with the three boys seemingly controlling objects a la telekinesis. The three boys soon because best friends and test the limits of their new found powers. During a talent show, Steve hatches a plan to make Andrew popular via a magic show to hide the powers. At the after party, drinking too much, Andrew up chucks on a gal and is made fun of at school. Andrew's family continues to get worst as his father's not able to pay for medicine for his cancer ridden mother. Andrew starts to use his powers for bad things. In a fit of rage, Andrew directs thunder to strike Steve dead in the clouds. Matt starts to shun Andrew because of his increasing erratic behavior. Eventually, Andrew goes on the deep end and Matt most stop him.

The movie was hard to watch in some areas because of the motion. Back in the day, I was never able to finish blair witch because of this. It was that bad this time around, but it was stressful to maintain my balance sometimes. The movie itself presented a rags to riches story with a huge fall at the end. The story was straight forward and really makes you think of "with great powers, comes great responsibility". In the end, it was a good concept and I enjoyed the movie. A one time paid viewing experience and I'd watch it on a movie channel for free.

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