Sunday, January 10, 2010

泡沫之夏 - Summer's Desire - Upcoming

泡沫之夏 (Summer's Desire) is set for broadcast in the next few months, but I noticed the extended trailer for it from GTV today. I've posted it below.

Pretty long teaser, but nothing out of the norm. But no release date mentioned.

It is an Taiwanese drama with a male lead from China. One of few if not the first (minus HK). But its already strange as his Mandarin is distinctly China style and very far from Taiwan Mandarin.

Looking forward to Serena Fang, Coco Chiang, and Maggie Wu's participation in this series.

The Chinese title translates roughly to "bubbles of summer". Summer is in the English, but Desire is not part of the Chinese. But whatever, the Chinese titles are never as provocative as their English translations. But the title is a play on the Barbie's characters name of 夏沫 and 泡 meaning abandon. This series had "Summer's Bubble" attached to it for some time.

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