Sunday, January 17, 2010

500th Blog Post

Officially, this is my 500th blog post. I hit my 300th post on July 3, 2009 and posted about it. Including some of the same format from that post. Not really much happened in these last 200 post outside the norm. But the most viewed blog post today had not yet been written when I hit 300.

There are lots of other sites and blogs that do a much better job of giving the "up to date" info on HK, Taiwan, and China entertainment in terms of music, dramas, and movies in English. This blog is like the delayed gratification type. I rent all my stuff on DVD or watch snippets via YouTube. Very lo-fi and old skool. But you don't get any gossip from me, because I could care less.

My personal friends have been finding out about this blog, but they don't give a hoot'nanny about Asian entertainment. So I try to explain. I get the proverbially, "so, what is your blog REALLY about." To which I end up saying, "It's a blog about my viewing habits, a record to help me keep track of all the crap I've watched". Of which, other than watching my Los Angeles Lakers, 75-90% of what I watch is Chinese language now.

History of Populasian
I would be lying if I said I came up with the term Populasian. It was actually a "project" that sprung to life in the fall of 1999, almost 10 years ago. A get together of a bunch of people that had grown up together from the late 80s through the mid 90s happened. We had all grown up, but now went to different universities and relocated out of the area. But, for some reason, we all got together that one day. As a result of that get together, we said, let's put up a website where we can keep track of each other and "write" stuff about the Asian American experience (much like what a facebook group does). Many names where thrown into the pot for the name of the website. I cannot remember the name I suggested. Populasian eventually became the unanimous winner. So, I happened to be the tech geek and set up the website. The website never came to be much other than me parking it as participation became like pulling teeth. Now, its resurrected as the name for my blog.

History of Populasian as a blog
Started September 2006 over on Xanga (no longer updating)
Switched over to Blogger/Blogspot in November 2008
Started a mirror at Wordpress for my Taiwan posts in February 2009

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts
1. Chinese Paladin 3 - 仙劍奇俠傳三 - 仙劍三 - 仙劍3 - 仙劍奇俠傳之靈珠神劍
2. Chinese Language TV in Los Angeles
3. 敲敲愛上你 - Knock Knock Loving You - Upcoming Part 2
4. 痞子英雄 - Black & White - Upcoming
5. 倚天屠龍記 - Yi Tian Tu Long Ji - Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre - 2009 - Upcoming

I Recommended These Other Posts To Get To Know Populasian
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7. Chinese Paladin 3 – 仙劍奇俠傳三 – 仙劍三 – 仙劍3 – 仙劍奇俠傳之靈珠神劍 - OST - 電視原聲帶
8. 風聲 - The Message
9. 練‧戀‧舞 (練戀舞) - Step by Step
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14. Mad Wolf Mongolian Barbecue in Fullerton, CA
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